Hong Kong QROPS Can

Seriously Increase Your Wealth

We trust that you can now see how a QROPS can “Seriously Increase Your Wealth

  • QROPS provide a substantially larger TAX FREE lump sum – to spend or invest as you wish in your life time.
  • They remove “Your Money” from the punitive UK HMRC tax regime.
  • They offer the widest possible investment options.
  • They provide GROSS Income.
  • On premature death they forward ALL remaining monies TAX FREE; and importantly outside of your remaining estate; to your dependants, for example your wife and children; or your chosen charity. This means that the money is forwarded to the right people at the right time; and that the monies remain outside of your estate with regard to HMRC calculation of any liability regarding Inheritance Tax; which is currently calculated at a TAX RATE 40%.
  • A QROPS removes “Your Money” for UK HMRC Pension Tax currently calculated at a TAX RATE of 55%.
  • QROPS are exempt from the UK Lifetime Allowance (the maximum value of the underlying fund; before tax on any excess becomes liable; currently at a tax rate of 55%).
  • Saliently a QROPS puts you back in control of YOUR MONEY, pays a higher TAX FREE lump sum and reduces and eliminates your TAX LIABILITIES from HMRC.

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So Where Are We

The law of domicile is of fundamental importance to Inheritance Tax (IHT) currently chargeable at 40%. The mechanics of domicile ensure that you have one, and only one, domicile

at birth you are assigned a domicile of origin which is usually dependent upon the domicile of one of your parents. For example if your parents were married when you were born your domicile of origin is the same as your father’s current domicile. If not then you take your mother’s current domicile.

So if your parents (particularly your Father) where born in the UK then you will be deemed to be UK Domiciled and liable to UK IHT.

What Have We Learned

QROPS Can Seriously Increase Your Wealth

Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes

  1. UK domiciles (no matter where they live) are liable for UK IHT on premature death on net assets above the “Nil Rate Band” (Appendix) at a tax rate of 40%.








UK Inheritance Tax (IHT) Planning For UK British Expats Hong Kong

UK Inheritance Tax (IHT) Planning For UK British Expats Hong Kong









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