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As parents, you want the best for your children and to give them the best

possible start in life.

Bringing up children has always been demanding on an emotional and

financial level, but the world has changed. You’ve brought them into a

world where there will be increasing pressures and expectations to be

met throughout their lives.

In today’s world, there is no guarantee of a top quality, free education

and it is increasingly difficult for your children to be able to take the first

step on the property ladder. With sound financial planning, you should be

in a position to help your children make the most of their lives.

Whatever stage of your children’s lives, one thing is almost certain – they will probably make demands on your finances – whether they are living with you or have left home.

With the average cost of raising a child continually on the increase, parents are having to make more and more sacrifices to give their children the best possible start in life.

Birth to age 21 = £180,000+

In many countries, the cost of raising a child is increasing at a rapid rate. For example,

in the UK, according to Liverpool Victoria’s annual Cost of a Child Survey 2010, parents

can spend £200,000 (2.5m HKD) on raising a child from birth to the age of 21.

Childcare costs

The same survey indicates that getting other people to look after their children is the

biggest cost for most parents, with childcare bills from age six months until 16 costing

as much as £54,000 (675,000 KD).

School fees

A top quality education is perhaps the greatest gift you can give a child. If you have an

international lifestyle, the stability of private education is likely to be your only viable

option. This does not come cheap wherever the school. For example, in the UK the

average boarding school fee is £24,000 per year.

In Hong Kong it is not uncommon to pay annual school fees of between HKD 55,000 and HKD 90,000 for primary and secondary education.

Driving costs ever upward

Once your child has learnt to drive, they gain more independence while you relinquish

your role as taxi driver. Helping them purchase their first car will benefit all parties, but

it all comes at a cost.

Expat University Fees and Campus Life

Universities in the UK are the preferred destination for many students. Surveys show that new overseas students expect to pay an average of £100,000 (1.2m HKD) for a four-year course. And let’s not forget the cost of that increasingly popular gap year that may come either before or after university – or both!

Expat University Fees Planning Hong Kong

The onus is on you as parents to help give your children the best possible start

in life. Clearly, it is best to put away as much money as you can as early as

you can – an admirable sentiment and one that, if possible, you should action

straightaway – but there’s more than that to think about.

Today, the choice of investment products is more varied and flexible than ever

before, and there are things that you can do to keep a greater control over your nvestments and, in turn, help your children’s financial future.

There is a wide range of investment products available that are suited to help you plan for the future.

Ideally you should look for one with a wide range of features to suit your lifestyle.

Real growth potential

A choice from a wide range of investment options including bonds, global equity and managed funds.

Easy access

The ability to choose when to take the available benefits you have accumulated, either as a lump sum, a regular income or a combination of both.

Premium flexibility

Reduce or increase regular premiums according to your circumstances, take a premium holiday when the pressure is on or add a lump sum on receipt of cash bonuses.

Investment adaptability

Switch between the investment funds available so you can adapt your portfolio to reflect the changes in your circumstances.

Tax efficiency through international investments

The possibility of investment funds growing without tax being deducted.

A product that moves with you

Wherever you choose to live and work, you can continue to contribute to your plan.

So perhaps you are looking for an investment to help your children throughout different stages of their lives. We believe we can help.

Whatever your circumstances, whether you have a lump sum to invest, want to make payments on a regular basis, or both, we have flexible and rewarding solutions.

Remember it’s your children’s futures we are talking about

Call us now on +852 5307 3732

We are here to help you explore and plan for your childrens futures

University Fees Planning for UK British Asia Expat in Hong Kong

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