Financial Planning Hong Kong

We have a unique and clear vision of what “Financial Planning” really should look like in Hong Kong. It’s a new, refreshing, exciting and different from other Financial Planning (Independent Financial Advisory) and Financial Planning firms that you may have met and experienced in Hong Kong.

We have offered our financial planning services in Hong Kong since 1993, and we are the oldest established financial planning advisory in Hong Kong.

Financial Planning is about your whole of life – not just your money! Your money is only the tool to enable you to live your “Lifestyle” and to provide for the ongoing financial security for yourself and your family.

We encourage you to “Think Big” (to achieve and maintain financial independence) and we work with you over time to help and guide you in making your dreams a reality.

We have clients from all over he world so whether you continue to live in Hong Kong or throughout the world, we can continue to look after your financial planning requirements.

We base our Financial Planning ideology around your life, goals, and ambitions; providing for your financial security. With regular meetings (every 3 months), and our wealth management expertise we can keep you on track; making your goals a reality.

We help and guide you through every aspect of your financial planning not only while you are in Hong Kong but wherever you are in the world; creating, managing, preserving and protecting your wealth.

We view you as an individual with unique circumstances and ambitions; we understand that everyone is different, and as a consequence we bespoke all of our advice to your individual circumstances and future plans.

We provide you with the time, expertise, and frankly the environment, to explore what is important to you. And only when we understand you, and know what is important for you; together with the time frame for its achievement. Only then, will we recommend a robust course of action to enable you to achieve your life goals and ambitions.

Creating, Managing, Preserving and Protecting YOUR Wealth – That’s why they call it Financial Planning.

To find out more about our unique Financial Planning Strategies in Hong Kong, why not call us on +852 5307 3732 or use our contact form. We look forward to talking with you soon.

Whatever your circumstances we are here to help you

Financial Planning Financial Services Hong Kong

We provide a comprehensive financial planning service in Hong Kong, with your own dedicated personal financial planner.

Our financial planning service in Hong Kong covers the following areas of personal finance:

  1. Retirement Planning
  2. School Fee and University Fee Planning
  3. Investment Planning
  4. Financial Risk Management
  5. Insurance Planning
  6. Tax Planning
  7. Estate Planning
  8. Business Succession Planning

For all your Financial Planning Requirement in Hong Kong

Would you like to ask us a question or receive further information. Then please email us on our contact form, we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

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